Tucker is the easiest and most effective way to keep your shirt tucked in tight against your body.


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Tucker Shirt Stay™ is a comfortable, easy to use shirt holder device that can be equipped in seconds on any shirt providing you with the comfort and functionality.

  • Grosgrain Elastic

    Ensures comfort and stretch to achieve a custom fit every time.

  • Locking Hook

    Latches on the last button of your shirt, and connects to the locking tab.

  • Locking tab

    Attaches to the Locking Hook, securing the belt in place.

  • Reinforced Stitching

    Each tab is securely stitched in place for maximum reinforcement.

  • Nubuck Grips

    Prevent the shirt from rising up and coming untucked.

  • Regulator

    Adjust to size with a simple slide.


Tucker, the ultimate shirt tucking belt, revolutionizes the way you keep your shirt perfectly in place. This innovative and user-friendly device employs elastic tension, making it the easiest and most effective solution for achieving a polished look. Not only does Tucker enhance comfort with its discreet design, but it also imparts a sleek and slim appearance to your body. Say goodbye to the hassle of constant adjustments—Tucker ensures your shirt stays impeccably tucked for a refined image every time.


Tucker, the versatile shirt belt, is designed to elevate the appearance of dress shirts, polos, t-shirts, and blouses. Tailored for both men and women who prioritize a polished look, Tucker is the go-to accessory for professionals across various fields. Ideal for estate agents, lawyers, bank staff, administration personnel, insurance clerks, restaurant staff, police officers, managers, security staff, hotel professionals, politicians, public servants, event engineers, consultants, IT helpdesk staff, and system administrators, Tucker ensures a consistently neat and refined image. Experience the confidence that comes with a securely tucked shirt, thanks to the reliable performance of this innovative shirt belt.


  • STEP 1

    Slide last shirt button into the metal clip

  • STEP 2

    Wrap tucker around waist and fasten

  • STEP 3

    Adjust the size to fit accordingly

    How Tucker Shirt Stay is Made