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Tucker Shirt Stay

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  • ✔ Grosgrain Elastic
  • ✔ Locking Hook
  • ✔ Nubuck Grips
  • ✔ Regulator
  • ✔ Locking tab
  • ✔ Reinforced Stitching



An untucked shirt looks sloppy and unprofessional, and constantly tucking it back in is even more embarrassing. Tucker uses a revolutionary design and functionality in order to enhance your aesthetic and professional appearance. Comfortable enough for daily wear, Tucker makes sure you always look your best.

Easily adjustable* and containing a unique locking mechanism, once you see how good you look you’ll never leave home without it!

*Maximum stretch 150 cm or 59 in.

Patent pending.

*Please note Tucker Shirt-Stays are hand crafted in EU by artisans ensuring premium quality.

We also would like to take this opportunity to CAUTION everyone from getting SCAMMED from nock-off copies of Tucker Shirt-Stay. Although it is flattering at the same time concerning, alot of customers at glance cannot tell the difference because of the same pictures/packaging/ even texted used on websites. So please inform your friends to be aware of the scam and stick with the original Tucker Shirt-Stay!!!